In an empty apartment where the old lover no longer lives

the cats stay close to the walls

The new lover is moving in today

the light shifts slowly across the ceiling


The new lover drinks water from the tap

The new lover opens the window

No scars, yet

This is our beginning

You are here

The power of your hesitant hands

Your sharp lightness

The moods of a hysterical bear

or a depressed puppy


This time

no one will come between us

no one will get in our way

We chose long ago to be here now

Stray dog

Love is a lost child

who cannot remember her mother’s name

and may never even have met her father


Love is an abandoned dog

who is howling for her lost collar

and may never even have belonged to anyone


She roams the alleys alone

joins someone

if she misses company

Begs and threatens

never learns



A red riding hood

A black scarf with red roses

A beret

A hat with a flower


But the wolf never changes

The window opens onto a fall night

Stars gather to gaze down at

our broken constellations

I love you

I wrote on a blackboard on a chilly morning

I wrote on a wall in a snowfall

I wrote on a birch in the spring

I wrote on an apple with my nail

I wrote on a mirror with lipstick

     while the rain lashed against the window

I wrote on warm ash and fresh snow

I wrote in the sand

     and waited for the sea to wash away what was not needed

I wrote on the window on a plane

     and waved to the mountains

I wrote on the sweaty skin between your shoulder blades


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