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I was born in late spring, almost summer. I have never believed in astrology—but by all accounts, I’m a typical Gemini. Both my personality and my literary work are characterized by certain dualisms.

My body of work can be divided into two as follows.

BOOKS WRITTEN before and after significant or life-changing events:

I wrote my first novel in Kallio. It took me seven years to complete the book, and I ran out of money many times during that time. The final version of my debut novel, Sonia O. Was Here, was written in three different apartments, as our rental homes were sold from under my boyfriend and me.

The book came out in 1981. With the money I earned from the book, I bought my first apartment, which was located close to my childhood home. I moved from Kallio to the countryside in 1984.

When I was in my fifties, I happened to see an advertisement about a four-year training program at the University of Helsinki. I made an intuitive decision: I applied and didn’t tell a soul. I graduated as a therapist in 2015.

I was writing a book at the time, but I had to take a break from that manuscript because I felt an urge to write about being a highly sensitive person. A lifetime of experiences, feelings, and memories poured out of me. The overriding feeling was great relief.

That book, My Life as a Deer, will come out in English in 2023.

BASED ON STYLE and content, my body of workprose, poetry, and nonfictionis characterized by dualisms in the following ways:

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