Anja Snellman


Continents: A Love Story

Every relationship is unique, yet universal. Oona likes to think of love as a map of the world, with each stage of a relationship its own continent.

Asia usually comes first, humid and enchanting. Australia is remote and more practical, the continent of new routines, but the transition is smooth and the difference is difficult to see at first.

America has great plains, tornadoes, and roaring waters, but past concerns and future threats are not overwhelming. On the contrary, America is a time for a new kind of confidence and bloom. When love moves on to Africa, life is marked by more fears than before; more dry seasons, sunburned grass, and chilly nights.

Europe is the continent of old habits, irony, and meaningful pauses. Would it still be possible to experience a piece of Asia? Does Eurasia really exist? Oona insists that Greenland is a continent as well: one last stop before the fall to Antarctica. Is there love after Antarctica?

Oona first meets Alex at a writers’ conference. Both feel a little out of place, as neither thinks they have written real books: she draws cartoons, and he is a journalist. Sharing a sense of alienation, they fall in love, and their Asia begins.

A tender, candid love story with a strong autobiographical feel, Continents: A Love Story follows Oona and Alex across the world map.

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