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Author Anja Snellman is one of the 19 ambassadors appointed by Sanasto, a Finnish literary copyright society, to promote literacy and literature with members of the Parliament.

The group of ambassadors consists of authors and translators of fiction and nonfiction. Each ambassador has their designated Parliament member to work with.

ANJA SNELLMAN works with Saara-Sofia Sirén, a representative of the National Coalition Party.

“At our first meeting, we discussed literacy and reading among children and young people and the significance of libraries for both readers and authors in an era when bookshelves are disappearing from living rooms and sales are increasingly focusing on e-books and audiobooks,” Snellman explains.

“We also touched on the introduction of artificial intelligence in literature and the power held by influencers, many of whom dream about becoming authors.”

THE OPENING EVENT of the new ambassador program season was held in October 2023 at the Finnish Parliament Annex. 

The opening address was given by Paula Risikko, First Deputy Speaker of the Parliament. The ambassador program was established on her initiative when she served as Chair of the Education and Culture Committee in 2021.

“Literacy is a question of welfare, security, and the economy,” Risikko said in her address.

“For this reason, we must all invest in ensuring full literacy.”

THE AMBASSADORS’ address was given by author Karo Hämäläinen, who discussed the profound transformation that the electronic book market has brought about in the publishing industry.

“The consumption of books in the form of e-books and audiobooks through various subscription services has increased. However, despite this popularity, authors’ total revenues from their work are decreasing.”

He promised that the ambassadors would keep their parliamentary partners up to date with current issues in the publishing industry and encouraged them to keep in touch with the ambassadors.

“This is not a one-way interaction,” he pointed out.

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